We are part of a complex supply chain that operates in a dynamic environment. As members, we have the obligation to contribute to make our environment a suitable place for the development of an operation and of people’s lives.

This commitment starts with us. From its policy of safety, hygiene, and environment, Celomat is committed to preserving the welfare of the organization members in the development of all activities. We are also aware of the importance of providing a safe and healthy workplace, identifying those potential risks and working towards their prevention.

All along the value chain, we work intensively with our customers and suppliers to find joint solutions that allow us to satisfy our needs with products of low environmental impact.

Promoting the care of the environment in which we work is one of the objectives of the company. This includes not only the prevention of pollution through the improvement of our processes and the proper use of our resources, but also the collaboration in the community we are part of. In order to do that, we actively participate in Fundación Manos en Acción, a non-profit civil organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of families in the area of Pilar, who are in a situation of poverty and vulnerability, providing tools and generating resources for equity of opportunities.